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Get The Ref! - Alberta's Blood Bowl Roundup

Nov 1, 2022

While we touch on all the regular segments like the Rumour Mill and Tournament Round-Up, but our Ask the Internet homework took on a life of its own this month. What trait would you like to see in a new team that would make them more themeatic? The question was actually asked last month, but we revisist it again, this...

Oct 1, 2022

Welcome to the Jungle, where Josh, Lair, Scott, and Darcy delve into the new stats from the upcomming release. The Amazons are different and we are here to tell you how. We then answer some questions from the internet, which inevitably leads to Lair confessing his undying love for Westjet. We listen to tales from Chaos...

Sep 4, 2022

PowTown 22 has come and gone, leaving us with only memories. We talk about the tournament that was, sitting down with the champ, Steve Hall, and our adopted Canadian, Rory Donahoe. We also asked twitter for a few topics to talk about and had to juggle through a few technical difficulties. From Alberta, with love. 

Jul 23, 2022

So many things to look forward to!  

We offer our humble opinions and wild speculation regarding the upcomming Amazon team box as well as the new star player that will be accompanying them. 

Hot on those heels, we prep everyone on what you can expect when you get to PowTown, our biggest local tournament - now in its...

Jul 1, 2022

This month, we jump pn the "Ask Me Anything..." bandwagon that has taken over Twitter over the last month. We combed through some of the more interesting questions and volunteered our hot takes on all of them. 

We then transition to an off-site (aka dubious quality audio) series of recordings directly after the Red Deer...