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Get The Ref! - Alberta's Blood Bowl Roundup

Dec 2, 2023

We made it to sixty! 

Everyone sits back to reminise about Winter Mayhem since there isn't much to crow about in terms of new releases. Fair warning - the winners of the tournmament don't exactly make our interview eassy to listen to at work!  It does, however, give you an idea about how the weekend went. 

By the time...

Nov 4, 2023

What a month it has been - at least for Lair!  Lots of trips to Edmonton, Winnipeg, Spike, and -finally- one more in Calgary. 

With no further annoucements from GW, the gents spend the whole episode talking about tournaments that have come and gone and what to expect as we look to close out the year. In a word, watch...

Oct 2, 2023

What a month!  Vampires have been released, the World Cup is in the bag, the Walleye Classic has been eyed, and we can't wait to talk all about it! 

We start with the Vampire roster and the ways it has changed, sift through the stars that were in the Spike Magazine, chat about the oil paints, and then dive deep into the...

Sep 2, 2023

Vampires are back from the grave and we are hear to run through the unbridled speculation! We also chat all things Krakeneye, World Cup, and primer.... the paint, of course. 

At about 39:00, we shift gears to take a good look at what it means to run a league. Lair and Josh talk with Damion Gilzean from Edmonton's...

Aug 7, 2023

Lots of bits and bobs in this episode, including a look back at Summer Bash earlier in the summer. We also talk about Bilerot, some rookie tips, a cork-centred hobby corner and a look ahead to future tournaments. Come and have a seat and listen to the mid-summer round table!